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Paella Cooking show in Valencia 2019

one of the best way to enjoy in Valencia is to have a private Paella Cooking show with a private chef that cook an award winning paella just for you.

For food lovers, the ones that really wants to have a true authentic gastronomic experience in Valencia.

We have the best Paella chef of Valencia for 2019, that want to cook just for you, in a small group at his own Bon Aire Restaurant kitchen o at a traditional Valencian Baraca.

We will give you a Welcome drink - beer o wine, we will start to cook a Great Paella Valenciana o seafood Paella, The chef, Raúl Magraner will explain all the proces how to make a great Paella.

For lunch we will have 2 entrance, glass of wine o beer, The Paella! and dessert and coffee.

All of this will take place at EL PALMAR, the birthplace of the most famous Paella Valenciana!

Sitting in front the rice fields, next to the water channel, in one of the most beautiful place in Valencia, and just 15 min from the city center.

This activity will take place with a small group of 5 to 10 persons, in order to keep the paella experience as real as it can be!

find us at theessenceofpaella.com

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