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Want to learn how to make a great paella but but you keep Kosher? Now The Essence of Paella, the cooking school of Valencia have the answer.

KOSHER PAELLA COOKING CLASS IN VALENCIA - and you can have it with Vegetable o Glatt kosher chicken.

The Essence of Paella have all you need in order for you to have a great gastronomic experience in Valencia, and still keep all the necessary for your religion.

We have a unique Paella pen and espátula only for the kosher paella in valencia.

This activity take place with Valencia best paella chef for 2019 - chef Raul magraner from the Bon Aire restaurant in EL PALMAR.

This activity need 2 days notice for the glatt kosher chicken for the Kosher Paella from our local rabbi.

סדנת בישול פאייה כשרה בולנסיה.

מעכשיו גם בעברית!

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