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Kosher Paella cooking class in Valencia 2019

We have new Paella cooking class in Valencia - Kosher paella cooking class in Valencia 2019!

There is no more Kosher issue if you want to eat Kosher Paella in Valencia, Spain.

The Essence of Paella is Valencia leading Cooking School for Kosher Paella.

The pen - Paella - is only used by us for the Jewish Paella cooking class when they ask for it.

All of our ingredient for the Paella is KOSHER, we get the Chicken from Beit Chabad of Valencia, we will never mix meat, seafood oo other things in the Paella pen that is for the KOSHER paella!

Starting today, July 2019 - we are waiting for you in our KOSHER paella cooking class and our KOSHER paella workshop in Valencia.

If you need o want we can have en Hebrew guide to translate all the activity from Spanish to Hebrew!

Join us for a real KOSHER PAELLA COOKING CLASS in Valencia 2019!

We need 48H pre reservation for KOSHER paella cooking activity!

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