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At The ESSENCE OF PAELLA we have two excellent activities for you, the paella lover. 

Both the activities are highly recommended, since they are performed by en excellent and high level of experty Chef and Paella expert.

The PAELLA WORKSHOP is great for the once who want to enjoy a beautiful day at a Spanish ranch, surrounding rice fields and water canal.

The PAELLA COOKING CLASS  is bringing you the BEST PAELLA CHEF IN THE WORLD 2018-2019, for the once who want to have the top of the top in Paella Hands-On Cooking Class.

paella tasting, valencia.jpg
Paella Workshop


In our Hands-On, Paella workshop, you will be guided by one of Valencia top Paella expert.

At his farm located in the middle of the rice fields, the best place to prepare a traditional Paella, you will learn all the Valencian techniq how to perform a great paella.

see full description and photos here.

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Paella Cooking Class


When the BEST PAELLA CHEF IN THE WORLD is teaching you all the little secret so you can make a great Paella, that says all.

At his own kitchen, in the BONAIRE restaurant, looking over the rice fields, Chef Raul Magraner will guide you step by step until you get the BEST PAELLA ever!

Small groups, personal attention, guarantee of excellence! 

see full description and photos here.